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The Hayesbrook School

The Hayesbrook School

Year 6 into 7 Transition Events

We are delighted that you have accepted a place for your son to join our school community in September and we cannot wait to work with your son to help him achieve his potential. To support your son’s transition in to our class of 2021 we would love the opportunity to start our work together as soon as possible. With this in mind we will be offering a number of events for him to join throughout the spring/summer term, before the traditional transition events planned alongside other secondary schools in July.

We hope these activities will give your son a taster of the next seven years of his education journey with us and I would encourage him to select a range of activities across the days offered.

All activities have a maximum capacity, and so places will be awarded on a first come first served basis. Please pick one activity per date and book by clicking the corresponding links below:



Activity / Description

Thursday 20 May

4.00 - 5.30pm

unless stated

Chelsea Football Foundation – fun practice drills and small sided games - 4.30 -5.30pm (35 places).


Maths – Puzzles and games (18 places)

Music – Cartoon Underscoring. Students will have the opportunity to underscore the music and dialogue of a cartoon (16 places).

Art – Crazy Creature Task (25 places)

Food Tech – Create your own fruit and vegetable creatures. The foods being used are a range of fruits and vegetables, water crackers and cream cheese. By booking a place on this session your parents agree to you using a sharp knife and need to advise the school (in advance) of any food allergies

(16 places).

Thursday 10 June

4.00 - 5.30pm unless stated

Chelsea Football foundation – fun practice drills and small sided games - 4.30 -5.30pm (35 places)

Science – Fun experiments (30 places)

Combined Cadet Force - enjoyable military themed and adventurous activities (20 places).

English - Escape Room - solve riddles, puzzles, and clues in order to find your way out of the room (18 places).

Technology – Use one of the Hayesbrook workshops to design and create personalised gifts (16 places).