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The Hayesbrook School

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Join our virtual journey this May

The #Travel2Tokyo virtual journey is supporting #walkthismay challenges and shows our encouragement for the Olympic athletes around the world that are still training despite the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Launched by ‘Tonbridge and West Kent School Sports Partnership’ (TWKSSP), you are invited to join them on their virtual journey from London to Tokyo, using your daily exercise to collectively as a community accumulate 8101 miles.

The aim is to reach ‘Tokyo’ by Sunday 31 May 2020.

Submit your miles here….

So if you are walking, jogging, running or cycling each day, whilst sticking 100% with social distancing guidelines, share your journey with us by submitting collectively your total number of miles here, you achieve each day.

The #Travel2Tokyo is a non-competitive challenge, it is a community undertaking.  We want you to set your own goals, travel at your own pace and together we will get to ‘Tokyo’.

Recording your mileage

We want to ensure we accurately record the number of miles travelled each day, therefore:

  • Participants are encouraged to submit their ‘mileage’ on the day they travelled
  • If multiple forms are submitted on one day from a participant, we will only record the mileage recorded on the first form.

We do not believe anyone would falsely claim mileage they had not travelled – why would you?

Keep updated on how far we've travelled

We look forward to you joining us on our virtual journey. Anyone can take part, remember to share your travel experiences and keep updated on where we are on our journey by following the TWKSSP team on Facebook - @TWKSSP

The aim of our virtual travel challenge #Travel2Tokyo

In light of COVID-19, we at TWKSSP felt it was important to launch a platform to encourage us all to engage in activities that promotes good physical and mental health.  

Due to the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, we thought what better way to show our support to all the Olympic athletes around the world, who are finding indoor solution to keep up their training, than to be inspired by them and follow their example of determination and motivation.  This led to the launch of the #Travel2Tokyo virtual travel challenge, which aims to encourage our community to develop their own #healthyathome training routine.

It’s time to ‘virtually’ travel…

We need you to help us reach Tokyo, it’s important for us all to keep moving and to keep positive, so let’s do this!