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The Hayesbrook School

The Hayesbrook School

New Year 7 School Closure Questionaire

2) School closure has required us to adapt our usual transition process. We have still tried to maintain close contact with all our new families and provide all necessary information. We would welcome your feedback about how this has gone so far and any suggestions you feel we could add to the process.

You may wish to comment on the following:
• Transition welcome pack
• Meet the tutor evening
• School website (dedicated Y7 transition page with FAQs, links and Videos)
• Speaking with all year 6 teachers in their primary schools to learn about your son
• Letters and school communication
• Virtual sportsday

3) Has the pandemic affected your family in a way that might be useful for us to know, in order to support your child when they return?

4) If so, how?

5) Rate how you feel your child is coping with life during the pandemic

6) During the pandemic, what has you son found most challenging (tick as many as apply):

7) Do you have concerns about your son returning to school?

8) Do you feel that your son requires further specific support from the school to assist their transition to Hayesbrook or support their wellbeing?

9) How will your son be travelling to and from school in September?