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Student Voice

Working alongside our students to continue to exceed expectations is very important to us at The Hayesbrook School.

We recognise that the needs and concerns of the students are forever evolving. As a result, we must constantly reflect upon the practice and policies that shape school life. Student consultation is essential to this end.

We believe our approach empowers the students to realise their opinions matter, that they can influence change and that they are part of an inclusive community. The student voice strategy endeavours to bring about greater engagement and make students more reflective and responsible members of the academy and society at large.

Academy Council

The Academy Council meets once a month and is supervised by staff but chaired by the Head Boy. This is made up of the senior prefect team as well as form tutor representatives from every form group across the year groups.  Meetings are used to allow students to discuss their thoughts and feelings about the day to day running of the school, including gaining feedback on policy change and pressing issues for the present cohort. There are always tabled agenda items followed by an open discussion where members of the council can table matters that are significant to them. Recently the meetings have contributed to change in the enrichment provision, student interview panel questions, the praise and reward system, the pastoral structure of the Academy, sports equipment for break and lunchtimes and the behaviour for learning policy.

Student Survey

In order to gain an insight feedback from the students we perform student surveys which provide us with anonymous feedback on the day-to-day running of the Academy. We also may target surveys specifically towards a topic such as homework or praise and reward. We are always keen to hear how students feel the Academy could be improved as well as activities or opportunities that they would like to try. The surveys will often highlight important topics for the Academy Council.

Student Interview Panel

Prospective members of staff at The Hayesbrook School are subject to questioning by a student panel. They feed back to the Senior Leadership Team. Their views are always carefully considered in the appointment of a new member of staff.