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School Gateway

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As you are aware, technology is moving forward at a fast pace and many institutions are now moving away from accepting cash and cheques as payments for goods and services. For some time now, The Hayesbrook School has used the School Gateway payment system as a means for parents and carers to pay for school trips, PTA and School Fund payments, and to top-up student's cashless cards for the The Kitchen. It also allows you to view your son's academic lesson timetable and his purchase history from The Kitchen. 

Hayesbrook is a fully cashless (and chequeless) school.

There are many advantages in taking this action, for parents, students and staff at the school, some of which are detailed below:

  • Cash is not lost on the way to school
  • No need to go to the bank/cashpoint to withdraw cash.
  • Convenience - you can log into your account 24 hours per day to suit your lifestyle/other commitments.
  • As the system will be fully automated, there will be no need for handwritten permission slips.
  • If a refund is required, we can refund directly back to your payment card rather than having to arrange a cheque.
  • Reduced administration costs for the school.

We will, however, continue to accept cash for charity fundraising events.

If you have any questions or queries about the payment system, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Getting started with School Gateway

You will need to register for a School Gateway account on the School Gateway website: Visit http:// and click on the 'New User' tab.

Important: You will need to enter the e-mail address and mobile number that we have on record for you. E-mail addresses or mobile numbers not recognised by The Hayesbrook School as being contact details associated to your son, will not be able to register for School Gateway. If you need to update your details, please contact the school reception on 01732 500600.

For more information on how to create a School Gateway account and details on how to make payments, see the "Parents Guide - School Gateway online payment system" PDF at the bottom of this page.

What can I use School Gateway for?

When you are logged into the School Gateway system through the website or mobile app, you can access the following features:

Timetable and Achievement

  • View your son's academic timetable for the next 2 weeks
  • Your sons's achievement point awards, points and comments.

Lunch Money (Cashless Catering Cards top-up)

  • Make and view restaurant card top-ups online
  • View food purchases made using your son's ID card
  • Pay for a new ID card if your son's is lost, damaged or stolen (which he can then collect from the ICT Support Office at break or lunchtime)

Payment Requests (for school trips, etc)

  • When there is money owing to school by you for a school trip, you will be notified by text or e-mail that there is a payment request available. Simply log in using your email address and your PIN number, select the payment request(s) you wish to fulfil and follow the wizard through to pay. 

PTA and School Fund payments

School Gateway app for Apple iPhone and Android Phones

You can top-up your son's restaurant card, make payments and receive messages on-the-go, directly from your smartphone via the School Gateway app. Download from your app store by clicking the relevant links below:

Download the School Gateway app for your smartphone

Apple iOS for iPhone
School Gateway app for iPhone

Android OS for Android Smartphones
School Gateway app for Android smartphones

Please remember to allow app notifications the first time you open the School Gateway app.  If your son is late or fails to arrive at school, or if the school is forced to close (such as in adverse weather), we send out a notification to the priority parent which is picked up by the School Gateway app if you have it installed. If you declined the option of allowing notifications the first time you opened the app, you will not receive any warning of these messages from the school.

Please follow the instructions below to ensure that notifications are switched on for your device, in order for you to receive these messages from us via School Gateway.

For Apple devices:

  • On your phone, go to the Settings app
  • Scroll down to Notifications
  • Scroll down your list of apps until you find ‘School’ app for School Gateway
  • Ensure that "Allow Notifications" and all of the switches below it are switched ON.
  • We also recommend the Banners/Alert Style setting is set to “Persistent’’ or “Alerts”
  • Close the screen; you will now receive notifications when new app messages come through

For Android devices:

  • On your phone go to Settings | Applications Manager
  • Scroll down your list of apps until you find ‘School’ app for School Gateway
  • In here there will be a tick box that says "Show notifications" ensure this is selected
  • Close the screen; you will now receive notifications when new app messages come through