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The Hayesbrook School

The Hayesbrook School

Academy Performance

Key Stage 4 Results

  2019 Actual                                           

Progress 8 Score

Attainment 8 Score 37.1

Students entered for English Baccalaureate

Students achieving level 5 or above for English Baccalaureate 4%
Students achieving a Standard pass in English and Maths 51%
Students achieving a Strong Pass in English and Maths 23%
Staying in education or entering employment 94%

 Key Stage 5 Results

Measure 2019
Progress Score A-Levels 0.14
  Academic Qualifications 0.13
  Applied General Qualifications 0.56
Average Grade at KS5 A-Levels C
  Academic Qualifications C
  Applied General Qualifications


Retention A-Levels 90.9%
  Academic Qualifications 90.9%
  Applied General Qualifications 78.9%
Destinations Continuing Education or Training TBC
  Employment TBC