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Student Services and SEND support


Hello, I am Ms Ansell, Assistant Principal and SENCO.  My office is in the Student Services building.  Anyone is welcome in Student Services and some students who are part of some small group work may find they have a session in one of the small classrooms.  We have a team of Learning Mentors (called TA’s in Primary School ) who you may see in some of your lessons or small groups.  The Learning Mentors are Mrs Finch, Mrs Luff, Mr Tapsfield, Mrs Body and Mr Hines.

Students with a special Educational Need (SEND)

As part of the transition process primary colleagues inform us of any students who are currently on the SEND register.  They detail the need and the interventions currently in place so that we can plan what intervention may be required in September.  For students in receipt of an EHCP a meeting will be arranged in the first couple of weeks to explain who the outcomes and targets translate in a secondary setting.

Pupil Passports

All students with a SEN need will have a Pupil Passport, this is created in collaboration with the student when they start in September and will detail how best the student can access the learning in the classroom.  This ‘passport’ is given to each of the student’s teachers so that they can use the appropriate strategies to engage the student.   A copy of the passport is of course shared with the student and family.

Being in touch

For some children with additional learning needs transition can appear a frightening and challenging process, it is really important that we do all we can to reassure children and their families before they start in September so please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss any concerns you may have.

There are two ways to make contact:

School Office 01732 500600 request that Gill Ansell, SENCO calls you.  Please leave your preferred contact number and time that you would like me to call

Email –

I aim to respond to any enquiry within 48hours.