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Educational Trips and Visits

The Hayesbrook School understands that activities outside of the classroom enhance learning and we offer a broad range of residential trip opportunities as well as departmental excursions and our very popular 'End of Year Activity Day'.

Trip List 2016-17

Swattenden Activity Centre   Yr 7 YEAR 7
Guardian Newspaper Workshop   Yr 8-9 HISTORY
Dover Castle   Yr 11 HISTORY
Kingswood Geog Field Trip   Yr 11 GEOG
Macbeth @ Globe   Yr 11&13 ENGLISH
Berlin    Yr 11-13 HISTORY
Tonbridge School Science Conference    Yr 12-13 SCIENCE
Bore Place Seasonal Cooking   Yr 8-9 TECH
Licence to Kill   Yr 12-13 6 FORM
Coca Cola   Yr 12-13 GEOG
Madrid   Yr 11 MFL
Jack the Ripper Walks   Yr 10-11 ENGLISH
Brighton & Hove Albion Reward Trip   all years REWARD
Houses of Parliament   Yr 9 ENG/HISTORY
French Exchange   all years MFL
Fulhan & Rotherham Reward Trip   all years REWARD
Science Trip to Tonbridge School   Yr 8 (PP) SCIENCE
Tate Modern   Yr 11 ART
Physics CERN Geneva   Yr 12-13 SCIENCE
Math Challenge   Yr 10-11 MATHS
Natural History Museum   Yr 9 GEOG
Skiing/Snowboarding practice session   all years n/a
Taming of The Shrew @ Globe   Yr 8-9 ENGLISH
Othello Revision Conference   Yr 13 ENGLISH
Othello @ Globe   Yr 12-13 ENGLISH
Bowling Reward Trips   all years REWARD
Particle Physics Masterclass    Yr 12-13 SCIENCE
Somme/Ieper   Yr 9-10 HISTORY
Ski Trip   all years n/a
Olympic Park Field Trip   Yr 7 GEOG
Recluver Field Trip   Yr 8 GEOG
Olympic Park Field Trip   Yr 10 GEOG
Bude Activity Centre   Yr 7 PE
World Challenge   tbc n/a

End of Year Activity Day

The End of Year Activity Day is part of the celebration for all the hard work achieved over the year. In 2014/15 students chose from the following options:  Paintballing, Laser Tag, Thorpe Park, Seasonal Cooking at Bore Place, Totally Tonbridge and Craft and Cooking.