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The Hayesbrook School

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E Safety

Online Safety at The Hayesbrook School: Keeping your child safe

This section of our website is to provide links or direct access to a range of resources to support students, parents and staff. Like all schools, we have a responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of all those involved at Hayesbrook. Schools must take responsibility for supporting and educating the whole school community in order to maintain a safe e-learning environment for all.

At The Hayesbrook School:

  • We take the responsibility of maintaining a safe e-learning environment for all very seriously and recognise the significance of all forms of safeguarding
  • Governors, Staff and students are working to support and educate the whole school community in safer online behaviour both in and out of school.


  • Individuals are unaware that activities like bullying that they would not carry out in the real world should not be carried out online.
  • Information and images they would not share with others in the real world should not be shared online.
  • Personal digital devices should not be used to take or share recorded conversations, pictures or videos of others without their expressed permission or in any manner not covered under the Bring Your Own Device Policy.

Throughout the year there will be a number of events, taking place during and after school, for both parents and our students. Please keep an eye out for further details on this site, especially the welcome event for new Year 7 parents in October each year which includes a session on Online Safety.

In February of each year we hold an event about online safety, in conjunction with Kent County Council and Kent Police, called 'Is it worth it'? The feedback from students is always positive and we hope that by educating students and working with parents any e-safety issues will be minimised despite our growing digital footprint.

There are a wide range of resources available for parents and we have included some of these below. Please click on the logos to be taken to the relevant websites.

A collection of brilliant, clearly written guidebooks for parents that demystify apps, services and platforms popular with kids and teens.



Advice from the NSPCC - Find out how you can keep children safe from abuse and other dangers, both online and in the physical world.





CEOP's 'Thinkuknow' site for Parents and Carers, offering a wide range of information about keeping your child safe online. 



The CEOP Safety Centre, with links to services for reporting online behaviour and crime, online security advice and safety scheme


‘The Parentzone’ offers guidance to parents in supporting their child engage safely with all aspects of internet use. It has been developed in association with CEOP.



As a parent you may be worried about how extremism and radicalisation might affect your child. This leaflet aims to help you understand more about extremism and radicalisation, and how you can deal with these issues.