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Careers Fair 2019


Hayesbrook Academy hosted a Careers Fair for all students as a prelude to 'National Apprenticeship Week' in March.

Event organiser and Assistant Principal Mr Reader said: "This is the third time that we have held a careers fair, and it was positive to build upon the links that were established during the first two events. We were delighted to welcome over 40 exhibitors and of such variety as well. The best bit about the fair was that those exhibitors were here just for our pupils, and it was clear from the buzz in the hall that it really had an impact on the students. Several of the exhibitors have expressed an interest in supporting the students further, and we look forward to inviting them back to the school. Finally, we would like to thank the exhibitors for visiting the school and for having such a positive impact on the pupils.”

Please contact the school if you are able to provide careers opportunities for our students.​