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The Hayesbrook School

The Hayesbrook School

Nuvo Dood Loan Agreement

Please complete the details below:

Value: £28

Commencement Date: 12/11/20


1. “Hirer” – parent or guardian hiring the instrument on behalf of the pupil.
2. “School” The Hayesbrook School, Brook Street, TN9 2PH.
3. “Instrument” – as detailed above. The instrument remains the property of the school at all times.
4. The agreement will start on the above commencement date.
5. The duration of the hire is three school terms (one academic year).
6. In most cases it is expected that after the end of the initial hire term the hirer will return the instrument to the school or may purchase the instrument for the pupil.


7. The school will,
a) Supply the instrument in full working order and in good condition.
b) Undertake regular servicing of school instruments. In this will be on a bi-annual basis
8. The hirer will,
a) Take reasonable care to keep the instrument in full working order and in good condition at all times.

Damage/ Loss

9. Parties to the agreement shall be liable for any costs relating to loss and damage as follows:
a) Wear and tear (including accidentally caused small scratches or marks consistent with careful use of the instrument) - The school accepts that some wear and tear is inevitable.
b) Serious damage (such as renders the instrument unplayable or requiring repair above and beyond that covered by wear and tear) - The hirer accepts responsibility for the cost of
repairing any such damage to the instrument or, if necessary, will replace the instrument with another instrument of equal kind and value.
c) Loss - The hirer accepts responsibility for replacing any instrument that is lost with another instrument of equal kind and value.


I hereby accept the above terms and conditions for the loan of the instrument form the school*