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Baseball returns to Hayesbrook with "Hit the Pitch"

Tonbridge Baseball Club and Baseball/Softball UK deliver a baseball training programme to Year 9/10s as part of their "Hit the Pitch" initiative.

From Tonbridge Baseball Club (

Tonbridge Baseball Club (TBC) has teamed up with Baseball/Softball UK(BSUK) and the Physical Education staff at The Hayesbrook School to deliver a 20 week baseball training programme to year 9/10s as part of their "Hit the Pitch" initiative.

Eight weeks into the programme and Hayesbrook's Andrew Gore, Curriculum Leader PE, says "The interest and take up in baseball has been very high; the boys are really enjoying the experience. We are delivering baseball in Key stage 3 and 4, and interest is really growing. I’m starting to see more and more students with their own mitts!."

The course has been funded by Sport England's Satellite Club initiative.

Mr Gore says: "The aim is for baseball to become a regular sport on the school's curriculum, at all levels. Year 7 boys are already being taught the fundamentals in another course, and we are seeing rapid skill development, and increased understanding of the finer points of the game in the older year groups.”

The programme is being delivered by David Mote and Amanda Murphy every Wednesday afternoon at 3pm. "We are very keen to build strong links to the local schools and their teachers in order to have a regular stream of new players coming through to play for the club when they finish school", says Mote. 

Patrick Knock, BSUK's South Eastern development officer, says, "This programme with Hayesbrook and Tonbridge Baseball Club is exactly what Hit the Pitch was designed to deliver. It is very exciting."

The programme will take a break during the summer holidays but will continue for 8 weeks in September/October.

Tonbridge Baseball Club is always interested in having new players and anyone is welcome to attend our open training session on Wednesday evenings from 6pm, more information can be found on

More information about Hit the Pitch can be found on