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New Year 7 visit Swattenden Centre

On 13th September, Year 7 visited the Swattenden Centre in Cranbrook to sample their first taste of a Hayesbrook opportunity to learn outside of the classroom.

In sweltering heat, during the hottest September day for 50 years, the boys enjoyed every aspect of the visit.

The pupils were treated to team building, an obstacle course, extreme noughts and crosses, tug of war, zip line and climbing walls! Despite the heat their enthusiasm never faltered and the PRIDE ethos that is so important to pupils at Hayesbrook was clearly evident.

Assistant Principal Mr Reader said: "The first few weeks in Year 7 can be an incredibly nervous time for both pupils and parents. By taking the year group to a specialist centre means that the pupils can not only build confidence but also transferable skills such as resilience. These transferable skills are essential for making excellent progress back in the classroom at Hayesbrook. The pupils were a credit to the school and received enthusiastic praise from the staff at the centre."