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DofE Gold Award: August Expedition Report

Over the August summer break, seven of our new Year 13 students completed their Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award expedition.

The boys were doing two separate expeditions: George Hinton completed his expedition in Snowdonia, Wales (with a team from a school in Maidstone) and Ethan Basso, Gregory Buck, Will Douch, Ryan Harding, Alex Hardy and Matthew Rowlands formed the team trekking in the French Pyrenees. The French Team's expedition ran from the 1st to the 8th of August and The Welsh Team's followed a few days later, running for four days.

All seven boys thoroughly enjoyed their expedition experiences. The expeditions comprised of four days of walking each, with the French expedition having two extra days either side of the walking for travelling and training/resting. Both expeditions require lots of physical and mental effort to complete, but are certainly rewarding with stunning views and experiences that can never be forgotten. However the expedition component of the Gold DofE is not the only part. The Award also requires three other sections (a physical activity, a regularly practised skill and a volunteering activity, each carried out weekly), and one additional residential section that only applies to Gold (whereby candidates spend a week with a community they have never met before and volunteer there).

Bronze and Silver levels of the award are open to Year 10 and 11 students respectively, and Gold is open to Year 12 and 13.