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Hayesbrook School runs Sport Relief Mile in style!

On Friday 18th March 2016, all of the Hayesbrook School students and staff took part in a one-mile run in recognition of Sport Relief.

The run followed a similar route to the cross country enrichment club session leaving the school via the side gate and ending up at Barden Lake in Haysden Country Park. Students were organised into their five vertical communities and released at five minute intervals with marshals placed in nine pre-selected locations.

Will Young (Year 9) and Liam Baker (Year 11) were the first pupils to return maintaining a good pace throughout the route. The run wasn't just about who finished first and for many if was a chance to do something new or build confidence in personal fitness. Staff and students walked and ran together ensuring that fun was had by all. Some students decided to run around the lake more than once with Adam Travis (Year 9) completing four loops of the lake!

We are delighted to announce that following the associated non uniform day that in excess of £650 has been raised for Sport Relief.