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Hayesbrook Rises to NSPCC 'Mince Pie Challenge'

On Tuesday 8th December, 18 pupils were selected to take on the 'Mince Pie Challenge' - with proceeds of the sale going to the NSPCC.

The pupils were provided with the ingredients free of charge and were given three lessons to produce as many mince pies and cupcakes with a 'Christmas' theme as possible. The winners in each category were as follows:

Mince pies Cupcakes
1. Scott Pickersgill 1. Josh Lane
2. George Hines 2. Jacob Lawrence

Students received small prizes for their culinary skills and also helped to sell the mince pies and cupcakes on Wednesday 9th December for charity. Assistant Principal Mr Reader said: "The boys worked really well as part of a team effort and they should be very proud of their achievements. It was a pleasure to visit the event throughout the day to see how they were getting on".