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School invited on a virtual travel experience

Today, Friday 15 May 2020, The Hayesbrook School community has been invited by the Tonbridge and West Kent School Sports Partnership (TWKSSP) to join them on their #Travel2Tokyo virtual journey.  Using their daily exercise, the challenge is to accumulate 8101 miles, the distance from London to Tokyo. The aim is to reach ‘Tokyo’ as a community by Sunday 31 May 2020.

Mr Daniel Hatley, Executive Principal for The Hayesbrook School, said: “We continue to work together and support each other in challenging times. As well as focusing on our students’ academic development it is also important we do not forget the importance of connecting with each other as a community to do what we can to support both our physical and mental health. This is a great challenge as anyone can be involved, no special equipment is needed and it creates motivation to help our staff and students to stay fit and healthy during lockdown. I’m confident that with ‘Hayesbrook’ joining the team, we will reach Tokyo before the end of the month.”

In light of COVID-19, TWKSSP felt it was important to launch a platform to encourage the community to engage in activities that promotes good physical and mental health. The launch of the #Travel2Tokyo virtual travel challenge was inspired by the Olympic athletes around the world, who are finding indoor solutions to keep up their training as a result of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games being postponed.

Following their example of determination and motivation, the challenge was created to encourage all members of the community to develop their own home training routine.

Alex Weston, Director of TWKSSP said:  “Anyone can be part of this challenge, if you are walking, jogging, running or cycling, whilst sticking 100% with social distancing guidelines, we are asking you to simply share the number of miles you are achieving each day.  The #Travel2Tokyo is a non-competitive challenge, it’s a community undertaking.  We want you to set your own goals, travel at your own pace and together we will get to Tokyo.”

Andy Gore, Curriculum Leader for Physical Education at The Hayesbrook School said: “The virtual travel challenge is a great way for our students and their families to build exercise into their daily routine.  The goal to reach Tokyo by the end of the month provides great motivation.  Our students are very committed and determined, I know they will embrace the challenge and enjoy being physically active. Together with my family, we will be seeing how many of the 8101 miles we can cycle.  Good luck everyone.”

Anyone can take part and join the virtual journey to Tokyo, to find out more or to submit your mileage visit

It’s time to ‘virtually’ travel – help TWKSSP to reach their destination, it’s important for us all to keep moving and to keep positive, so why not puts in some miles!