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Year 7 Football Match Report

On Monday evening, Hayesbrook Year 7 FC faced Trinity Year 7 FC in a challenging football match. Hayesbrook, who were the visitors, looked a tough team as well as Trinity, who were the hosts for this game.

The competition looked tough as both teams look poised ahead of the match. Hayesbrook’s coach Mr Upton started to warm the players up with some stretches. Meanwhile, Trinity were running lengths of the football field. Shortly after, the referee gathered the players in, for a handshake of both teams.

After that, Dan Cole, who was striker for Hayesbrook, took kick off and finally the match had officially started. For the first 10 minutes Hayesbrook had the most possession; and they looked deadly when moving forward. However, Trinity were starting to dominate after picking up some loose balls in midfield and testing the Hayesbrook goalkeeper Jim Collier. Beau Foster, another Hayesbrook player, picked up a free ball in midfield and played a through-ball to Dan Cole who nicely lobbed the keeper, and the ball rolled into the bottom-corner. 1:0 to Hayesbrook. Trinity bought the ball to the centre and resumed play.

After an intelligent attack by Trinity, they were awarded a corner. However, the ball went over everyone in the box and went out for a Hayesbrook goal kick. Jim Collier quickly passed it to Thomas Jeffery who then booted the ball up the field to Harry Bullen who dribbled down line, but was tackled by a Trinity defender and went out for a Hayesbrook throw-in. Spencer Moore took the throw-in and passed it to Isaac Babayale who switched play over to Harley Hutchinson who then passed the football over to Beau Foster. He tested the keeper with an ambitious shot which was hesitantly saved by the Trinity goalkeeper. Mr Upton, Hayesbrook’s head coach, decided to bring a triple substitute on: Beau Foster off and Oliver Carolan on, Harry Bullen off Theo London on and finally Harley Hutchinson off and Henley Bamblett on. Then the game resumed and Hayesbrook were fought of the ball by a Trinity attacker had a free shot on goal but was saved by Jim Collier; who drop-kicked the ball over the defenders into Theo London’s feet and he had a shot on goal that was smartly saved by Trinity goalkeeper. Unluckily, his drop-kick went out for a throw but the referee decided to blow his whistle for Half-Time.

Two changes were made by Hayesbrook, bringing off Spencer Moore and Harley for Callum Hunnisett and Tom Calvert. It was Trinity’s turn to take the centre kick. After the referee’s whistle blew the second half was underway and already Trinity were on the attack however, Thomas Jeffery used his pure strength to body off the attacker and win the ball back for Hayesbrook. Five minutes into the second half Beau Foster returned to the field replacing Theo London at striker. After a few minutes of Hayesbrook passing the football around a chance finally emerged and Theo London took a low shot at goal after a mistake from the defenders and buried it in the bottom right corner. 2:0 to Hayesbrook. Soon after, Trinity gave the ball away to Isaac Babayale who played an exquisite through ball to Theo London who scored AGAIN! Now it was 3:0 to Hayesbrook.

However Trinity didn’t drop their heads and their manager was encouraging them to keep going. With ten minutes to go, Trinity were looking for at least a goal. Suddenly Tom Calvert accidently miss-kicked the ball, which lead to a Trinity striker through on goal but luckily Tom tracked back and stole the ball from the striker’s feet. With a strong clearance out to Spencer Moore, he dribbled the ball down the line, nevertheless he tried to find a pass but was tackled off the ball and Trinity were now on the counter attack. The Hayesbrook defence were all over the place, which allowed the Trinity strikers to run through them and score a last-minute goal. The home-team crowd erupted with cheers as they finally scored after many chances. However, the full time whistle went and Hayesbrook win the three points.

In my opinion I think that it was a fair game, and an equal amount of possession. However, Hayesbrook were victorious and the overall winners of the match.


Reported by:

Beau Foster

Year 7 Hayesbrook Student