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Year 7 Study Regeneration in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Year 7 pupils travelled to the Olympic Park at Stratford on 23 May, to study the impact of regeneration on the area.

The Olympic Park has been a location that has been visited regularly by the school in recent years, both during the construction and during the games themselves. Pupils on this visit investigated the impact of regeneration on the park and specifically focused on how much the park has developed into an environment that is sustainable.

Included in the cost of the trip was entry to the Orbit, which offers panoramic views of the park and also the city of London. Pupils completed field sketches whilst at the top of the Orbit and took photographs of the key features, including the Olympic Stadium, Aquatic Center, Westfield Shopping Centre and the skyline of the amazing buildings of Greater London.

The pupils just about managed to fit in an ice cream and some group photographs before heading back to school the same afternoon.

Assistant Principal Mr Reader said: "Some of the pupils commented that they hadn’t visited the Olympic site before. Having been lucky enough to experience some of the events myself during the summer of 2012, it really is essential that our pupils have the opportunity to set foot and walk through such an iconic landscape. The park is now really developing into the vision that the 'Games Makers'  had with the 4,000 trees and hundreds of thousands of plants now blossoming. It was important to show the students photographs of how the area used to look so that they could see how much of an improvement has been made."

"I was really impressed with how the pupils conducted themselves during the visit. They asked important questions and were also able to identify the key human and physical geographic features of the park. This really demonstrates how beneficial it is to provide opportunities for fieldwork and I look forward to the next Geography field trip to Reculver in June 2018."