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Year 9s Tour Dungeness Nuclear Power Station

As part of their studies on Energy in Humanities and Science, a group of Year 9 students were lucky enough to visit Dungeness power station.

On arrival, the pupils were met by the EDF education team and were given a safety talk about the site and also about the potential dangers that we might experience whilst there.

After our safety talk, we all suited up in protective gear, were given security passes and radio headsets and went through to the power station. We had a fascinating tour, taking in the history of the station and how it was built, the process of generating the electricity, the incredibly noisy turbine room and we even got a chance to peer down over the reactor itself. We couldn't believe that only two people were visibly working in the reactor room and also how how much technology is utilised to make nuclear energy in the UK.

We were also fortunate enough to witness a live training exercise in the control room where the staff were testing new recruits in pressurised situations. A lot of the students were able to consider how they could respond in such situations.

We enjoyed our packed lunches afterwards and then had a chance to take part in a pylon making activity with a very specific set of instructions and materials. Well done to the winning Hayesbrook team who managed to hang 8 gold balls from their pylon.

It was a great day and really interesting finding out about how our energy is made.