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France, Food and Fun on Opal Coast Food Tech Trip

43 Food Technology students from Years 7 - 11 had the opportunity to sample the culinary delights of the Opal Coast in France.

What a day!!  We started a bit bleary eyed as the coach left Hayesbrook at 7am to make our way to Folkestone.  We arrived in Calais and then made our way to Wierre-Effroy. We visited Boulangerie Le Fournil, where the students got to see how traditional bread is made in a wood burning oven and got the chance to make croissants.  The baker in charge of the croissants was quite a character and I am pretty sure every student that went can now tell you the French for eggs, milk, flour, yeast, butter, sugar and salt – the main ingredients in croissants.  Students then got to taste the delicacies from the bakery and were given a complimentary croissant to take home.

Next was a visit to the ‘Pain Show’ – a delightful little café where students were shown how to make batter for pancakes before being taken to the kitchen to cook them and all had a go at flipping them!  The pancakes were then enjoyed smothered in chocolate or lemon and sugar – nothing went to waste and these were enjoyed immensely by the students. Staff on the trip were cooked a special crepe filled with fruit and served with cream – these did not last long either!

Bec a Suc was last on the tour of the Opal Coast, and students were shown how sweets were made and the ingredients used to make a variety of different types of confectionary. Students got to sample the sweets made before them and then were able to purchase a range of products produced by the factory.

The trip was a huge success and not only did students have fun visiting the different events, but it was also very educational and I am already looking forward to going again – as I am sure many of the students are too!  Thank you to all the staff who attended the trip, and a massive well done to all the boys for their enthusiasm and excellent conduct.

Miss K Higgins
Curriculum Leader: Design and Technology