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University of Kent Presents Awe-Inspiring 'Cool Physics Show'

Scientists from the University of Kent visited the science department to delight our pupils with the 'Cool Physics Show'.

Led by an Astrophysicist and two Chemists, the show featured demonstrations and experiments focused on all the wonderful things that can be done with Liquid Nitrogen, every student’s dream! All the pupils who had the chance to experience this show came out of the lab with a huge smile on their face and they could not stop talking about how much they enjoyed it! The show was definitely a wonderful stepping stone to get our pupils interested in science.

Jack Stone from Year 9 commented: "Liquid nitrogen is cool! We touched a replica of a real life cloud, shattered frozen flowers and smashed a banana in half with a hammer. This show helped us understand the changes of state at different temperatures".

Lewin Smith added: "The demonstrations were great because we could not only see what was happening, but they also explained why it is happening".