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Hayesbrook Encourages Students to run a 'Mason Mile'

Join the free family event at Tonbridge Racecourse Sportsground on Sunday 24 September, 1pm start.

At The Hayesbrook School we recognise the importance of regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle. With 30% of children nationally now obese and the NHS spending 16 billion pounds per year on obesity, this is something we should all be aware of.

We are supporting the Mason Mile Challenge which is a totally free family event (including pets) encouraging the benefits of exercise and a healthy diet. Its aim is to increase children’s self-esteem and positivity, which in turn improves their overall mental well-being and education.

The challenge will take place in Tonbridge Racecourse Sportsground on Sunday 24 September at 1pm and involves participants running a mile.

There are prizes for the runners: Each athlete who completes the race gets a wrist band and those who complete in less than 10 and 8 minutes gain prize money which can be given back to charity.

Mr Mason has been visiting school this week to speak to students about the Challenge and we have attached a flyer below with more information.  Alternatively, you can visit The Mason Mile website: