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Year 8 Geographers Explore Coastal Erosion at Reculver

On Wednesday 24 May, 30 Year 8 students and 3 members of staff visited Reculver in North Kent to identify why the coastline is so distinctive.

The motivation behind the visit was to build on the students geographical understanding of coastal environments and, in particular, extreme locations suffering from coastal erosion. The students haven’t studied coasts yet and the visit was a chance to build that level of understanding before it is studied in the Hayesbrook classrooms. We investigated how and why Reculver has such a distinctive coastline and explored the different methods of coastal defence in the area. The students completed field sketches, beach profiles, long shore drift tests, wave counts, bi-polar analysis of defences and land use surveys.

At the end of the visit the students could verbally explain the reasons behind the distinctiveness of the coastline. The students also managed to fit in time for an ice cream and to find out a little about the area in the visitor information centre.

Assistant Principal and trip leader, Mr Reader, commented: "Field work is so important to building confidence in pupils understanding of human and physical concepts in Geography. The department are committed in ensuring that all pupils that study Geography have an opportunity to learn outside of the classroom. I was particularly impressed at how well the pupils completed each of the different techniques, particularly as this was the first time that many of them will have thought about geomorphology and how to collect relevant data".

The next Geography field trips will both be in June and will include a Year 10 visit to Stratford and a Year 12 visit to Margate. If your son is interested in finding out about field work opportunities then please encourage him to speak to his Geography teacher.