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Sports report: Rugby - Year 8 vs. TWGSB

Hayesbrook travelled to Tunbridge Wells on Monday with high hopes, after a great win last week and looking for another win in the season.

In the first 5 minutes we knew it would be a tough game with their stongest runner storming though our defence, and putting the ball under the posts. The conversion was missed.

Hayesbrook came right back at it though with great passing down the line from Jamie Tutt, Zach Collier and Jack Stone. Roman was also amazing in the running and tackling as he ran through their team; however was stopped just 5 meters out of the try line.

TWGSB responded with a couple of quick tries by the pacey wingers. The score at halve time was 15-0 to Tunbridge Wells.

Hayesbrook came storming out of the gates with Zach side-stepping through their defence, before being tackled just inches from the try line. TWGSB came at it again with their big guy scoring yet another 2 tries.

10 minutes before the end of the game Hayesbrook gave it one more little bit of hope, scoring 2 tries (set up by Toby Harwood) one by Joe Rowe and the other one by Roman.

It was by far our toughest game so far and the boys all did really well.

Hayesbrook 12 - 35 Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys