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Year 7 Trip to Battle Abbey and Hastings: Report

On Monday 15th June, 32 Year 7 students and 3 members of staff visited Battle Abbey and Hastings as part of a joint History and Geography day trip.

The students experienced a ‘Horrible Histories’ style dramatisation of the 1066 event which turned into a fully interactive experience. Students got to wear some of the clothing and handle some of the equipment such as long bows and double handed swords. The morning culminated in a ‘battle’ between the Normans and the Saxons.

For the afternoon session we travelled to Hastings and had some lunch on the beach. Students were then asked to identify the features of tourism that were visible from their position. Students were able to identify the pier, hotels, traditional buildings and more modern attempts to encourage people to visit the location. Students were then asked to complete a beach litter survey, blue flag beach criteria checklist and complete a field sketch in the time remaining.

All of the students acquitted themselves in line with our PRIDE ethos and were an absolute pleasure to take on a very enjoyable day trip.

Mr Reader and Mr Bosworth Davies
Teachers of Humanities