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Sports report: Rugby - Year 8 vs. Bennett Memorial

The next game in the Year 8 rugby team's season was an away fixture to Bennett Memorial School on Wednesday 8 March.

Bennett began the match and kicked off. Unfortunately, Jack picked up the ball and ran to half way line making the first ruck.  A quick ball out to Ben S who manoeuvred his way around three players before being stopped five metres out.  Owen picked the ball up and dived over the try line to score the first try of the game.

Hayesbrook continued to pressurise and, after only four minutes of play, Zach and Ben S had scored further tries.  From the restart, Hayesbrook were quickly on Bennett’s five metre line again.  Bennett tried to defend and kicked the ball away.  Fin caught the ball and ran over half the pitch to score the fourth try.  Similarly, from the restart, Bennett kicked the ball.  Joe R saw his opportunity and ran the ball before making a ruck. Hayesbrook’s natural fast handling saw the ball safely to Isaac who ran but got tackled just at the try line.  Owen again at the breakdown, picked the ball up and scored his second. Half time and the score was 25-0.

Hayesbrook restarted the match. A solid follow up and chase by Jamie ensured Hayesbrook maintained possession.  He grabbed the ball and side stepped one person to score. Further Bennett kicks secured more tries.  One from Isaac who ran the whole pitch to score. Joe B set up a ruck for a quick ball out to Isaac who narrowly missed the line but great support ensured Zach picked up the ball to score his second.  Great handling and teamwork lead to Joe R almost scoring.  He, unfortunately, had been tripped and dropped the ball.  This yellow card incident gave Hayesbrook an opportunity to demonstrate fast passing and Toby scored bringing the score to 45-0.  But the game wasn’t finished because in the last minute Fin scored his second.

Hayesbrook 50 - 0 Bennett Memorial

Report written by Ben Sellors (P5)