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Year 9 'Rock The House' at the Natural History Museum

On Tuesday 7 February 2017, thirty-two Year 9 pupils visited the Natural History Museum in central London.

On arrival the pupils were given a chance to explore the earthquakes and volcanoes including an earthquake simulator and models of plate tectonics. Before lunch pupils were also able to check out the dinosaurs and mammals taking in as many of the displays as possible. For some of the pupils this was their first visit to the museum so naturally awe and wonder were in abundance.

After lunch the pupils took part in an interactive display on plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis. Giant jigsaw puzzles, jumping teacher earthquakes and custard powder magma were just some of the ways that the pupils were able to interact and enjoy learning about some key physical geography.

Trip leader and Assistant Principal, Mr Reader, said: "Plate tectonics is such an integral part of Geography at both GCSE and A level. This visit will enable those pupils who are interested in the subject to deepen their learning. It was a pleasure to take such a well behaved group of pupils on such an enthralling visit."

The next Geography trips will be in the Spring when Year 7 will visit the Olympic Park, Year 8 will conduct some field work at the Reculver coastline and Year 10 will conduct some urban field work in London in June 2017. The school is also currently advertising a trip to Iceland in October 2017.