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Year 8 Geography trip to Reculver: Report

On Tuesday 2nd June, 38 Year 8 students and 3 members of staff visited Reculver in North Kent to study the effects of coastal erosion.

The motivation behind the visit was to build on their geographical understanding of coastal environments and in particular extreme locations suffering from coastal erosion. We investigated why Reculver has such a distinctive coastline and explored the different methods of coastal defence in the area. The students completed field sketches, beach profiles, long shore drift tests, wave counts, bi-polar analysis of defences and land use surveys. At the end of the visit the students were able to verbally explain the reasons behind the distinctiveness of the coastline.

The students acquitted themselves admirably in very windy conditions and it was a pleasing to use the new PTA funded geography equipment for the first time (and yes that is Mr Day in the photo, you can’t stop him getting stuck in!). A huge thank you to the PTA.

Mr Reader
Assistant Principal and Teacher of Geography