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Hayesbrook takes on a Whole School Reading Challenge

From Monday 14 November every child in the school will be reading ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, by Pulitzer prize-winning author Harper Lee. 

The Whole School Book Club will see all students reading the novel in tutor time sessions through the week.

Mr Hatley, Principal: "With the distractions of social media and online gaming, finding time and space to read for many young people is a challenge.  With the advent of re-structured GCSEs we, as a school, need to ensure our young people develop the reading skills necessary to access language and ideas at the highest level."

Why choose ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’? Ms Ansell, Assistant Principal, explained: "It was chosen as it remains one of the most important and influential texts of the 20th Century; the themes of racism, injustice and poverty are as relevant today as when it was published over fifty years ago.  The children’s view of an adult world relates today as it did then."

The Whole School Book Club at Hayesbrook is just one of the initiatives introduced to encourage reading, other new programmes of support include a revamped learning resource centre which has been restocked with the latest texts, and workshops for parents detailing techniques to encourage reading at home.