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Royal Engineers Inspire Hayesbrook Pupils

On Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th October we welcomed the Royal Engineers outreach team to the Hayesbrook school to work with key stage 3 pupils.

Our Year 7 pupils learnt about the V2 rocket from WW2 and the technology that eventually helped us to explore space. The pupils were lucky enough to design and build their own rockets before then venturing outside to 'launch' them into the Hayesbrook atmosphere.

On the second day a slightly different challenge presented itself to Year 8 pupils in the form of bridge building. The pupils were provided with a selection of resources with which to span a small distance over a model river. Pupils not only had to consider how the bridge should be designed but also how to structure the bridge so that it could hold a series of weights that were placed on top of the bridge. As you can see from the photographs a lot of fun was had even with a little healthy competition!