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The Hayesbrook School

A Brook Learning Trust Academy

Our Governance

The Hayesbrook School Governance

The Academy Council is the foundation stone of the system of governance operating across Brook Learning Trust and has replaced the Local Governing Body. All three academies in the Trust have Academy Councils and councillors’ advocacy and monitoring roles are replicated across each.

For more information about how the new system of governance operates, please follow this link to the Brook Learning Trust website.

The Academy Council

Roles & Responsibilities


Chair of Academy Council


Vice Chair of Academy Council


Health & Safety Link Councillor

Ruth Lowe

Safeguarding Link Councillor

Julia Richards

Pupil Premium / SEND Link Councillor

David Athey

Student Advocate Councillor


Staff Advocate Councillor


Parent Advocate Councillor


Community Liaison Councillor

Ruth Lowe

Standards Panel

Chair of Academy Council

Audit & Risk Committee (in attendance)

Julia Richards

Newly recruited to the Academy Council

Simon Banham

Lucy Davenport

Jane Grier

Alison Smith

Executive Principal: Daniel Hatley         Trustee attached to the Academy Council: Linda Garratt
Clerk to the Governors: Alison Bird

Each councillor role listed above has its own remit. A brief description of each role is included in the document published below which is available for you to download.

Councillors also monitor progress made in respect of the key priorities identified in the Academy Improvement Plan. The priorities are summarised as follows:

Core Priority 1:

Ensure exceptional leadership and management, at all levels of the organisation, which directly impacts on standards, quality of provision and the continued growth and development of the academy and its people.

Core Priority 2:

Embed an inspirational curriculum experience which fully ensures students are rich in knowledge, proficient in skill and offers them the chance to engage in a full range of exciting opportunity and motivating experiences and gives them the cultural capital needed for their future.

Core Priority 3:

Increase student attainment across the key stage 4 ability range and accelerate the rate of progress for all groups in key stage 3.

If you are interested in joining the Academy Council we would like to hear from you. Please contact the Clerk, Alie Bird, at or 01580 712754 ext 277.