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The Hayesbrook School

The Hayesbrook School

Academy Closure FAQs

Is the academy open for students?

The academy is open to students who have parents that are key workers and where provision for them to be looked after safely while their parents are working cannot be put in place. If you are a key worker and have not registered with us please email We will then call to speak to you and confirm that your child is eligible to attend. After that we will send you the details of our provision. Students should not arrive at the academy if we are not expecting them.

Please check here for government guidance on key worker identification.

How can we keep in touch during the academy closure?

Whilst we are closed we have put several things in place to ensure we can all continue to communicate well. Each student and their family will receive a keeping in touch call every fortnight.

Our switchboard will be open and receiving calls from 8.30am – 2.00pm each day during usual term time on 01732 500600

If students need us they are able to contact us using the email address below. This can also be used to refer any concerns regarding the safety and well-being of a student.

Staff may well be working at home so please understand if they are not immediately able to deal with your query.

What if my child does not understand the work set?

Show My Homework has a messaging function where students can get in touch with the teacher who has set the work. They should use this in the first instance. Their teacher will then get back in touch as soon as they are able. Although working from home staff will be able to access their Show My Homework accounts to set work and also follow up student queries.

How will students with additional needs be supported?

Students who usually receive classroom support in the lessons from a teaching assistant or learning mentor will receive a personal telephone call each week from one of the SEN team. During this call they will be able to talk through tasks and activities and ask additional questions and get ‘real time’ guidance to help complete their work. If your child is experiencing difficulty they can also contact their teacher as detailed above.

What if my child does not have access to a computer or the internet?

In our preparation for possible closure we asked families to identify if their child would not be able to access a computer in the event of us moving to on-line learning. Printed work packs will continue to be supplied in these circumstances. If your situation has changed please contact the academy reception on 01732 500600 so printed versions can be sent to you. Work can be completed on paper or in an exercise book. Please also tell us if you need these resources sent to you.  Please note that we have a skeleton administrative team in the academy and not every day. Royal Mail have a reduced collections service in operation and so there may be a delay in you receiving printed resources.

Who can I contact if I have technical issues with Show My Homework?

Our IT support team will be on stand-by to offer remote support where possible. Please log any issues with them using this link:

They will then get in touch with you.

How will students' work be assessed?

Many of the activities set can be completed on-line and sent back to their teacher through Show My Homework. If students are completing work in books or on paper this will be marked when they come back to school. Teachers will set a variety of tasks which will enable them to remotely check on progress and understanding. Students unable to access a computer are welcome to send their completed work back to the academy and this will then be sent on to their teacher. Knowledge quizzes will be set by teachers on SMHW, using Quizlet or on SENECA learning. These will be self-marked and teachers will be monitoring the students’ scores.

Next term we will be looking at how we can develop our system to mean students can receive more detailed feedback on assessments.

How will we monitor students' completion of work?

Each week your child’s Head of Year will monitor their log in times and will liaise with class teachers about their completion of work. Where there are concerns or where we think they need support, a member of the year team will telephone you to discuss further.

Can students come in to collect books or things from their locker?

At this time it is not possible for students to come to the academy to collect books or possessions from their lockers. Movement on the academy site is restricted, as are the areas that can be accessed. This would not represent ‘essential’ travel to or from the academy. We are happy to post out paper and books for those that need it.

How will my child be awarded their GCSE or A level grade?

The DFE and OfQual are still to send final information to schools and we are expecting more information before the Easter break and we will update this area once we have received it. In the meantime:

What we know:

  • The GCSE, BTEC and A Level exams this summer have been cancelled.
  • The government is aiming for grades to still be awarded to students for all the qualifications they have been taking.
  • Measures are being put in place by the DFE to ensure grades fairly reflect the work they have put in to their subjects – even if they have not yet finished some of the coursework.

How will final grades be produced?

  • Teachers will be asked to make a judgement about the grade they believe students would have got if they had sat the exams or finished the course entirely, a bit like a predicted grade.
  • This judgement will take into account PPE exam results, any coursework they have completed as well other school assessments and tests that they have completed. It will also take in to account the work they have seen from students on a day to day basis and everything they know about their knowledge, skills and ability in the subject.
  • Once we have returned these to the exam board they will then combine the judgements made by teachers with other data which is available about students, for example: Key Stage 2 SATs results, where these are available and their target grades.
  • This information will then be used to calculate a final grade in each subject.
  • The same process will be used by every exam board in every school, for every student and every qualification.

Please refer to Mr Hatley’s letter of 1 April (here) for more information about what we are doing to support students in examination year groups and also about unconditional place offer for Year 11 students in the sixth form at The Hayesbrook School.

Will buses still operate for students who are eligible to attend?

Will my child still recieve a Free School Meal?

All students eligible to receive free school meals will receive an e-voucher for a local supermarket – a week at a time. You should by now have received contact from us and/or your e-voucher. Please note that if you have chosen Co-Op vouchers these will be sent by post as e-vouchers are not available. If you have not received your voucher please contact the academy reception (contact details earlier in this document).

If you think you may be eligible for free school meals or may have become eligible recently please contact Kent County Council via their website here or call 03000 41 51 23 who will then confirm directly with the academy.