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The Hayesbrook School

The Hayesbrook School

Career Insight Programme

The programme aims to support and make a difference to lives of our students who are about to explore the world of employment opportunities.

As a secondary school we are asking the business community to help us ensure that students reach their highest level of achievement and ensure that students find fulfilment in the careers they choose.

We are looking to create ‘Career Insight Business Partnerships’ with local businesses to positively influence and inspire our students about the varied career opportunities that exist and what they need to do to ensure they are successful and fulfilled.

Your involvement as a ‘Career Insight Business Partner’ will encourage our students - your future employees - to make an informed choice about their future career. Whether you are small business or a major corporation you can support our school by sharing knowledge of real-life business experience, which will help prepare our students for tomorrow.

Why become a Career Insight Business Partner?

A school ‘Career Insight Business’ partnership is equally supportive and beneficial to all involved.  The partnership inspires a positive culture for improving relationships and reinforces community involvement.

Career Insight Business Partner benefits:

  • Students are better prepared to enter the workforce
  • Enhances community images and builds a community profile
  • Supports customer and employee recruitment
  • Improves your recruitment options
  • Provides new perspective and fresh ideas from future employees

Student benefits:

  • Provides learning opportunities, work experience and career awareness
  • Relates schools to ‘real life’ employment situations
  • Support student achievement
  • Provides learning opportunities outside of the classroom
  • Builds confidence, resilience and self-esteem

Schools benefits:

  • Provides resources to the school, enhancing student education and career guidance
  • Reinforces the value of education to students
  • Assists the school in achieving its goal – for all students to reach their highest level of achievement

Get involved – how you help….

Transform lives: