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The Hayesbrook School

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Hayesbrook Easter Ski Trip 2019

Following weeks of practice on the Chatham dry-ski slope and the Hemel Hempstead Snow Centre, Hayesbrook boys are almost packed and ready to depart for the Italian Alps!

This year we are visiting the resort of Pila, Italy. There is fresh snowfall forecast (at the time of writing!) and we are looking forward to a week of expert ski and snowboard tuition.

Follow our ski and après-ski adventures by accessing our snow blog. We aim to upload pictures and hilarious anecdotes daily!

Shoop, Shoop! The mountains are calling…

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  • 15/04/19

    Day 6

    Well. We did it. Skiing has been completed – probably for the year. Now all we need to do is head home. Commonly what would happen here is that I would ‘reflect on all the key events throughout the trip’. To be honest I cannot be bothered to do that as in reality the whole trip was...
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  • 15/04/19

    Day 5

    I unfortunately have to start this blog post with an apology. On ‘Day 4’ I stated “Tomorrow is the day of presentations, where you’ll finally be able to find out what the mystery is.” Now, plans change. This has meant that the mystery will have to be revealed tomorrow i...
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  • 12/04/19

    Day 4

    I’ll tell you something, you get very tired out during this trip. That perfectly describes myself right now… However, this has to be done – in which it will be done. Today began, believe it or not, as most others have. Getting ready for skiing and having our breakfasts. To be h...
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  • 11/04/19

    Day 3

    I will admit, today was quite routine; we woke up, had breakfast (which once again was great) and collected our skiing/snowboarding equipment to head up the mountain. During the day, our group attempted our first black run in the afternoon – which was quite the success! On the sub...
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  • 10/04/19

    Day 2

    I am quite tired now, so there is my excuse for any spelling mistakes out the way… Regardless, I will write this anyway! We start with the interesting events over breakfast. Lets just say that the owner wasn’t too happy clearing up all the spilt milk over the floor. Apart from that l...
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