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International Stammering Awareness Day 22/10/2021

Stuttering and stammering is a recurring pause or repetition of speech. 

  • 5% of children have or have had a stammer

  • Boys are 5 times more likely to have a stammer

  • 1% of Adults live with a stammer

  • Neurological condition that can be made worse with stress or anxiety

  • There is no known cure, only techniques to aid as coping mechanisms

It is common for those who have a stutter or stammer to avoid talking and reading out loud in class. 

This week, Mr Rutledge has held assemblies to our pupils, where he spoke openly about the challenges he has faced as someone who has a stutter. 

It was inspiring to hear about how Mr Rutledge dealt with certain situations and showed our pupils the importance of resilience and determination. 

Below is a short video clip from a Documentary that was on Channel 4, called Educating Yorkshire. The clip shows one of their pupils, Musharaf 'finding his voice', while coping with having a stammer.

Mr Rutledge spoke about some of our PRIDE values and how important it is to value the people around us and show care, empathy and understanding towards others. Expressing these values and characteristics is the best way to show peers with difficulties that they are supported. 

If you would like more information on stuttering and stammering, then please have a look at the links below:

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