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Book Favourites of 2020

Miss Kindregan’s Favourite Reads of 2020

I track my reading every year by setting myself a reading challenge on Goodreads at the start of every year. If you are struggling to motivate yourself to read, the Goodreads reading challenges are a great tool because you will want to beat your challenge and show off your completion badge! A great idea to encourage reading at home is to get your whole family to set their own reading challenges and award a prize to whoever reaches their goal first. I read 79 books in 2020 (don’t be intimidated-it is my job to read!) and here are my favourites:

The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang is a graphic novel about Prince Sebastian, who by day is being pressured to settle down and find a wife, and by night dons lavish dresses as his alter-ego Lady Crystallia. This book about identity, romance and family is suitable for all ages. Before 2020 I had only ever read one graphic novel because they didn’t interest me and now there are two on my favourite’s list! This demonstrates that you should always try new genres and types of books as you might find a new favourite.

A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor by Hank Green, the sequel to An Absolutely Remarkable Thing, is hard to explain but it is partly about how the world reacts following a visit from an extra-terrestrial being. This series is very strange, fast-paced, and funny, with great commentary on social media and is recommended for ages 14+.

Felix Ever After by Kacen Callender is about Felix, a student at a prestigious art school, who is trying to win a university scholarship whilst also dealing with being blackmailed by an anonymous fellow student. This touching story about love, identity and revenge is recommended for ages 14+.

Sheets by Brenna Thummler is a graphic novel about an unlikely friendship between a young ghost named Wendell and Marjorie, who works at her family’s laundromat and struggles to fit in at school. This uplifting, quick read with lovely illustrations is suitable for all ages.

Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas is about Yadriel, whose traditional community does not accept him as a brujo (a magician), so he summons a ghost in order to solve his cousin’s murder and prove himself worthy to his family. This book, recommended for ages 14+, has a bit of everything, including action, magic, murder-mystery, and romance, making it a great pick for a lot of different readers.