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Recommended Dystopian Books

If you liked 'The Hunger Games'... 

Due to the popularity of The Hunger Games, a whole host of other fantastic Young Adult dystopian series were published. Below are the first books of several dystopian series published around the time that fans of The Hunger Games may enjoy. These books are suitable for ages 12+.

Divergent by Veronica Roth is set in a dystopian version of Chicago, where society is separated into five different groups. This is one of the cases where the book is much better than the film, so if you didn’t like the film you may still enjoy the book!

Legend by Marie Lu is told from the perspective of June, a star student at military school, and Day, the country’s most wanted criminal. When June’s brother is murdered, these two very different characters are brought together.

Uglies by Scott Westerfeld is set in a society where everyone gets a surgery to become “pretty” at the age of 16. Tally has always been excited for her surgery, but when her friend Shay runs away to avoid the surgery, Tally’s world changes dramatically.



We would love to hear if you, your friends or family members have read any of these books and what they thought of them.