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Celebrating Irish Authors

Book recommendations to celebrate St Patrick's Day

Happy Belated St. Patrick’s Day! Today I will be recommending a few books written by Irish authors. These books are suitable for all Hayesbrook students unless specified otherwise.



One by Sarah Crossan is about the lives of a pair of conjoined twins, Grace and Tippi, who have managed to live to into their teenage years, even though they were told that they wouldn’t survive past 2 years old. This novel written in verse touches on the everyday lives of conjoined twins, their struggles fitting in with their peers, financial strain due to medical bills and the unique bond between conjoined twins.














One of my favourite Young Adult fiction authors is Louise O’Neill. Only Ever Yours is set in a dystopian future where girls are no longer born naturally, but are bred in school where the highest-rated become companions to men and those not deemed pretty enough become concubines or teachers. ‘Asking for it’ is about Emma, who is raped at a party and then pictures and videos of her rape are shared on social media. Both books are very uncomfortable at times, but tackle very important topics such as beauty standards, consent, and victim blaming. Due to content and themes these two books are recommended for ages 14+.



The Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer has recently returned to the spotlight due to the recent film adaptation released on Disney+. Though the film was not very well received, the book series, about a 12 year old genius criminal mastermind continues to be praised and would be a good introduction to fantasy for children aged 10-12.