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Recommended books featuring Dragons

Below are some recommendations from Miss Kindregan of books featuring Dragons... 

There is something special about books with dragons. Whether they are majestic, wise, and friendly or fire-breathing, violent, and monstrous, the mysterious mythical creatures can often be one of the bets parts of fantasy stories. These books are suitable for all students unless stated otherwise.

I can’t do a list about dragon books for teens without mentioning Eragon by Christopher Paolini. Eragon is about a young boy who find a mysterious stone in the forest that turns out to be a dragon egg. He keeps the dragon, which he names Saphira, secret until he faces a tragedy and decides to go seek revenge. If you have seen the film of this book and did not enjoy it, don’t let that deter you as the book is considerably better!

Seraphina by Rachel Hartman is set in a world where there is mistrust between humans and dragons, though they live together in relative harmony due to a decades-old peace treaty. When a member of the royal family is murdered in a way that suggests dragon involvement, it threatens to destroy the peace established by the treaty. The dragons in this story are unique because they are able to take human form, and thus blend in with human society.

Burn by Patrick Ness is very different from your typical dragon fantasy, because instead of it being set in a magical medieval-esque kingdom, it is set in an alternate 1950’s United States. Not only does this book have dragons, it also involves an assassin, the FBI, racism, the Cold War, and a prophecy. It is told from a lot of different perspectives, with a lot of different storylines which come together by the end. (Recommended for ages 14+).


Recommended by Miss Kindregan