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Day 6

Well. We did it. Skiing has been completed – probably for the year. Now all we need to do is head home. Commonly what would happen here is that I would ‘reflect on all the key events throughout the trip’. To be honest I cannot be bothered to do that as in reality the whole trip was a ‘key event’ and picking certain events as better than others would be (in my opinion) a bit ridiculous.

Instead, I will mention the people who made the events possible – I made a list:

Firstly on my amazing list come the teachers, Mr Waight & Mr Tapsfield. They have supported us on every day, taking pictures for you to see and making sure us lot behave ourselves (which they did quite well). I’d also like to quickly mention the teachers from the other school sharing the hotel with us, who’ve been very friendly to us.

Next are our ski instructors. Now most has been said in Day 5 however I would like to say that ‘Eliss’ is actually spelt ‘Ellis’ – sorry! Also when I wrote ‘moderately good’ it was a joke relating to his not liking to my previous use of the word. In reality he was incredibly good.

After that is the owner of the hotel, Claudio, and those behind the scenes to keep our rooms in tip top condition – a difficult task for some rooms. They too have provided an excellent service for us with each meal being quite different from the previous and showing a large map of the local area.

Following this is the drivers of the coach we have used to get to and from the hotel. They have been great too, friendly towards all of us with an added sense of humour to finish it off.

On a larger scale I have to thank The Hayesbrook School for their support with the yearly ski trip and Interski (the company who replaced Mr Waight in organising everything). They - once again – have provided an outstanding trip for us. Everything from the timings of each day to the equipment such as skis and poles has been well made out throughout the week to provide the best experience for us possible, which they definitely have done.

Finally is the one person to whom this secret thing has been related. This person is the one to have helped us with everything we have done and been there when we’ve had queries (or just been after some information). This person is Anya, our school coordinator. Being honest words alone do not describe how amazing she has been for us, however if you get a thesaurus and search synonyms for ‘good’ you can get close. Thank you!

Right. The moment you’ve been waiting for. The superleggera secret. It was a poem for her, to which you now can read.


A person whose been with us,

Next year too?

Yes, our coordinator,

Anya, this one’s for you

In difficult situations you’ve helped us,

Smiling all the way,

And all questions you’ve answered,

Whether for help, or those strange,

Each of us is thankful; I wanted you to see,

So I created this small poem,

On Pila & Gondolas – I was keen,

Many different ways I could’ve shown it,

Exactly how wonderful you’ve been.


By the way, English Department, if you’d like to ARTWARS this I will be interested to see the results (little half term challenge, of coarse not mandatory!)

So there we are. The ski trip, and these blogs come to an end for another lot of months. Bye bye!

Written moderately slow by Samuel Warner.

My special thanks goes to all above and you, the reader. You reading this is what motivates me the write them in the first place, amongst other factors, however I thank you for taking your time to read over 3000 words of someone else’s holiday. And myself too.​