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Day 5

I unfortunately have to start this blog post with an apology. On ‘Day 4’ I stated “Tomorrow is the day of presentations, where you’ll finally be able to find out what the mystery is.” Now, plans change. This has meant that the mystery will have to be revealed tomorrow instead. I apologise for the inconvenience caused. (Still, it won’t be as late as Southern!)

On to the actual day; this was our last full day of skiing. With our group it included attempting a very narrow run (Red Run 9) and the highlight being a Black Run (the hardest) from the summit of the mountain, which was above the clouds – lots of pictures were taken! All runs on the day went without much trouble, with many of us not falling at all throughout.

The lunch for today was mainly chip based, however all of us ate the meals provided. I think that was the case anyway, I was too busy creating a plan for the afternoon – after getting a piste map that has become one of my primary roles after skiing.

After the skiing we had our long awaited (by me) Presentations. Here we found out our final levels for our skiing/snowboarding as decided by our instructors. This was carried out on the mountain, in which pictures had a lovely backdrop in the form of other mountains. Very nice. After we received our certificates and badges for our respective levels (I managed a 4 Distinction for if you were wondering) we headed back down the mountain on the gondolas.

Now I would like to interrupt, errrm, myself, to add a final say about our instructors. Each one has been with a positive attitude throughout the week and has taught every one of us large amounts of information about our respective way of travelling along snow downwards. You would definitely tell the difference between the skills of us before and after this week. (By the way, they’ve improved).

Being with a specific instructor myself also, I’d like to also write a few words on how he was. Brilliant, in summary. He has been able to mix teaching and properly skiing in just the right ratio so as to give us the best time possible whilst still learning about new techniques and skills. Also he isn’t a fan of my use of the word ‘moderately’ before, in which he was moderately good! Thanks Eliss.

Back to the day – again – and after arriving back at the hotel we prepared our suitcases for the final day on the slopes, as we also head for home tomorrow, something which I personally find good and bad (the weather is better here)!

After that was done we had our dinner with another fine pudding coming straight after. As we had no evening activity however we were treated to a bonus pudding type thing. This was called a ‘McFlurry TM’ (guess where from) and involved a small town walk which gave contrasting views on the landscape due to the different light levels of going in each direction (from and to the hotel).

The day finished like most have, me sitting on a chair in the corridors of the hotel writing…  …exactly this I suppose. And with the final blog rapidly approaching, the long countdown to next year will begin. For now though, you have the following paragraphs…

Written over quite a few minutes by Samuel Warner.

Or was it???

Probably – I didn’t look at the clock.

Special thanks goes to Mr Waight again for the spelling of piste and letting me take so long to write this when he’d (like the rest of us) rather be in bed – verified.