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Day 4

I’ll tell you something, you get very tired out during this trip. That perfectly describes myself right now… However, this has to be done – in which it will be done.

Today began, believe it or not, as most others have. Getting ready for skiing and having our breakfasts. To be honest I am surprised I am still able to come up with alternate ways to describe this, as it doesn’t differ much between days.

Skiing itself was a success – my first fall over-less day! Even though no black runs were made, the vast number of red runs defeated more than made up for it.

Now, I am happy to report that an arrangement has been made literally seconds before writing this for some information on the snowboarding side of things. It was “good”, “fast” and including “hard runs”. Actual words.

Turns out there is actually some more informative words, great! (Note: The following is not the words of Samuel Warner) “The day started off with a warm up run. This was the slowest run of the day but still with the rush of adrenalin a red run would give you, quite a lot. As the day went rolling on, we kicked it up a notch, going higher and faster whilst learning many new techniques, such as ‘carving’ (switching from edge to edge on a snowboard mid turn). We also did tricks such as 180’s and Ollies – which I was very good at.”

Finally was our evening activity of swimming. This was at a hotel that resembled a knock off version of Tonbridge Castle – not a pretty sight. This was excellent as the pool contained several floats for us to use. Tomorrow is the day of presentations, where you’ll finally be able to find out what the mystery is. (By the way, English Department, I was informed this is foreshadowing, pretty nifty don’t you think?)

This was written by an alien on Mars, or Samuel Warner quite slowly – you decide…

Special thanks for the day goes to George Stevenson for an expertly given insight into snowboarding and some A4 Paper that I used to prove multi tasking is possible (sometimes).