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Day 3

I will admit, today was quite routine; we woke up, had breakfast (which once again was great) and collected our skiing/snowboarding equipment to head up the mountain.

During the day, our group attempted our first black run in the afternoon – which was quite the success! On the subject of black runs, our teachers from home Mr Waight & Mr Tapsfield skied on all of them in the resort (apart from run 8 (Tsu Creuisa for those who are interested) which was found after the skiing – kind of funny actually…) 

During the day I got my ‘revenge’ on the natural half-pipe (after the events of ‘Day 2’) and completed the whole run, however the man-made half-pipe got the better of me when my ski became buried into the snow – I had to dig it out!

Aside from those few items, skiing as a whole went well as information came to light those in a lower group were trying going parallel (good).

You may have noticed that I only mention skiing in my entries. Firstly, well done! Secondly, you may have gathered that I am a skier, and with only two snowboarders with us, it is quite difficult to get some quotes to use from them – maybe soon?

Afterwards was another stint at the hotel before dinner where not much really happened. We entered, went our ‘separate’ ways and after a long time we were all gathered round the table for dinner. This was quite nice, and was finished off with a lovely pudding of chocolate wafers for each of us. It was brilliant!

Post dinner was a couple of minutes before we headed out of the hotel by coach to a ‘Night Club’ thing… …basically a place where all the songs are base boosted enough the vibrate the building and ruin your ears whilst being very loud and flashing lights which take care of your eyes. As you might imagine I am not in there and instead am writing this – much better. However this means I cannot tell you how it actually is, there may be a special guest required for that. Nevertheless today has gone, like I say, quite routine however hopefully there should be some fresh snow on the mountain for us tomorrow – touch virtual wood!

Written not as slowly as before however still not exactly ‘fast’ by Samuel Warner.

My special thank you-ness for today is to Mr Tapsfield for a map listing the run names. Quite useful. Also is to my family back in Blighty for their help on something that will be revealed soon…

(I believe they read this!)​