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Day 2

I am quite tired now, so there is my excuse for any spelling mistakes out the way…

Regardless, I will write this anyway! We start with the interesting events over breakfast. Lets just say that the owner wasn’t too happy clearing up all the spilt milk over the floor. Apart from that little ‘mishap’, breakfast overall went quite well – we had some.

Following on from that was the coach journey to the ski hire to collect our equipment. That went well – verified – and we were all soon at the top of the gondola where we re-met with our fantastic instructors. During the morning ski they lived up to that title, with our group tackling some harder red runs and learning some key skills about skiing, to which I may or may not have forgotten……………………

Next came lunch, which went without a problem – aside from the usual waiting for seats (which wasn’t long) and the afternoon skiing began. The runs started well apart from a slight wait for someone with a camera (you know who you are!) and this was followed by a run to the natural half-pipe. This is “a slope that has two steep sides with a gully in the middle”. This is where it happened. The instructor went moderately high up one of the sides in front. I was at the rear as I attempted a ‘run-up’ (or ‘ski-up’ if you prefer) and followed suit. However instead of coming back down the slope I kept rising. Now the rest is a slight blur, as it is, and the next thing I knew was that I was sitting on the snow with my skis many meters above me. Oh dear. Luckily I was mostly unscathed, with the only thing being a small cut on my gum that has been irritating me up to even as I write this. And this. Even this…

By the way the rest of the skiing was phenomenal.

After the skiing we returned to the hotel for dinner after another lot of uneventful hours. As you may have guessed before reading it, that went well too. The chicken tasted great!

Towards the evening we all headed by coach to bowling – our evening activity for the night. Here we were split into two equal groups for the games. Some strikes went, noticed and unnoticed – with several spares and a large amount of misses (typically). This was followed by some free time with the arcade machines present before we had to return to the hotel so that we could get some sleep for the long day tomorrow – however I won’t spoil anything!

So far then, the trip is going well.

This was also written even slower this time by Samuel Warner.

My special thank you-ness is given to Mr Waight for the remarkable quote on Natural Half-Pipes and the spelling of unscathed, to which I had no idea and the Apple Product I write this on wasn’t any help, I don’t really need ‘unshaved’ thank you very much.​