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Day 1



So, the ski trip for 2019 has begun…

And I am happy to report that it has begun very well, starting with the hotel. Our room has a television and it comes with a wonderful balcony – of which hosts a brilliant view of the railway… I mean mountains! Along with this, the owners are very nice and they’ve given loads of information on the surrounding area, we are only a few miles from Derby!

Now, the actual day. We begin with breakfast (who doesn’t) that was quickly finished. We then headed by coach to where our accurately measured skis and boots were waiting for us. These were then collected for a looooooooooooooong gondola ride up the mountain. After this we met with our ski instructors for the week. 

Now I cannot personally explain how the instructors for the other groups were (I am sure some ‘special guests’ will soon) however from the little time I spent with them they seemed to be lovely people. Our group’s instructor however was absolutely amazing! He led us on some gentle blue (the easiest) slopes to get re-used to skiing, before it was time for lunch – as it turns out time goes by rapidly when you are skiing…

Lunch was had and it was time for the afternoon skiing. In the morning we’d had lovely powdery snow, although by the afternoon a lot of it had become slush. Nevertheless we ignored this and attempted some red (intermediate difficulty) runs, which was a success. These also made time go by very quickly, and before we knew it, we had to head back down the looooooooong gondola ride.

With our boots, skis & poles delivered back to their holsters and boxes, we returned to the hotel. Not much really happened in the next couple of hours that is worth writing about. These sentences alone have lasted longer.

Right, so our first evening ‘activity’ started with a good Old Italian Pizza Dinner. After a parking spot fiasco we entered the pizzeria. This was full of green, white and red…

And a huge pizza oven. I forgot to mention the pizza oven. Pizzas were delivered almost non-stop, with each one being different to the next. And each one was loved by all – verified – with the finale being a pizza with Nutella TM upon it. This was followed by a nice evening coach journey, which led to me writing this blog whilst across the room some card games are played. All in all, a great start to the trip.

Thought of and written very slowly by Samuel Warner.

A special thanks is given to some random football poster with the Italian flag on it – forgot what order the colours are in!!​