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  • 26/04/22

    Upcoming Author Events

    There are some fantastic upcoming events where students can meet Young Adult and Children’s authors, get books signed, and learn more about writing.
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  • 04/02/22

    British Yorkshire Pudding Day

    To celebrate British Yorkshire Pudding Day, we wanted to share with you, our tried and tested recipes - please see a vegan and non-vegan recipe below!    Ingredients 225g/8oz plain flour salt and freshly ground black pepper 8 free-range eggs 600ml/1 pint...
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  • 11/11/21

    Non-Fiction November

    This month is Non-Fiction November, a celebration of fantastic fact-filled books. There is a different theme each year, with this year’s being Heroes, so below are a few suggestions for some books available in the library written by inspirational people. Thanks to Penguin’s Lit in...
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  • 21/10/21

    International Stammering Awareness Day 22/10/2021

    Stuttering and stammering is a recurring pause or repetition of speech. 
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  • 14/10/21

    Black History Month

    Celebrate Black History Month by reading one or more of these books, written by Black Authors!
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  • 23/07/21

    CCF Beret Award Ceremony

    Mr Milner-Pearce was exceptionally proud to present our Year 10 CCF squad with their Beret's last night. They presented themselves impeccably and tt was great to see so many family members there supporting them!  This group of young men have worked extremely hard and are exemplary r...
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  • 22/07/21

    Read it First 2.0

    Miss Kindregan has more book recommendations and suggests reading the books, before watching the film adaptations! 
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  • 16/07/21

    Sports Day 2021

    We were so pleased to be able to run our sports day event this year. After such a difficult 18 months, it was fantastic to see our pupils thoroughly enjoying their time together. The boys behaved impeccably, with the perfect balance of competitiveness and team spirit. We are very proud of their a...
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  • 10/06/21

    Growing for Wellbeing

    National Growing for Wellbeing Week
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  • 07/06/21

    World Ocean Day

    Together we can protect and restore our Oceans!
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  • 24/05/21


    Celebrate Pride Month by Reading - Books recommended by Miss Kindregan
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  • 13/05/21

    Book Favourites of 2020

    Miss Kindregan’s Favourite Reads of 2020
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