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Student Achievement

We promote three simple learning rules for students:

  • produce your best work at all times
  • support the learning of others
  • follow all instructions immediately.

These are our basic expectations, when we get these right then you are well on your way to your own success.

Through your excellent effort, your brilliant attendance and your commitment there will often be times when you go beyond these basic expectations. We have a culture of recognising and rewarding these things.  Achievement points are given to students who demonstrate evidence of an element of the PRIDE system in their work in the classroom or more widely around the academy and within the local community. Depending on how many points you achieve there are different prizes and rewards ranging from Hayesbrook Achievement stationery, special achievers’ breakfasts with your Head of Year, achievement badges presented by the Executive Principal and even special trips and events just for our highest achievers and those who make excellent effort. We also have regular ‘shout out’ assemblies where we celebrate the great things students have been doing that week with the rest of the year group as well as our termly formal celebration assemblies where your teachers and family will be invited to come and see you receive your award.