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The Hayesbrook School

Vertical Tutoring

Academic achievement and good discipline can only flourish in an atmosphere in which the individual feels important and secure.  The needs of our students as individuals and their physical, moral, intellectual, social and emotional development form the basis for our pastoral structure.  On entry into the school, each student is allocated to one of five teams, all named after a sporting legend: Ali, Pelé, MacArthur, Redgrave and Thompson.  Each team has a Team Leader and the support of three Student Managers.  Each team also has its own slogan, colour and ethos. 

The boys are then sorted into 5 tutor groups for each team, A1, A2, A3 etc., M1, M2, M3 etc, P1, P2, P3 etc.  There are approximately 26 students in each tutor group with 4 or 5 from each year.  Considerable time is taken to try to make sure that students are kept with their friends and the system allows them to make new friends from different year groups.  The Form Tutor meets the group daily, and has responsibility for the welfare of the students within the group.  If any boy is having problems, he can always refer to his tutor.  All tutors work under the direction of their Team Leader.  The Team Leaders are in turn supported by Student Managers, who have overall responsibility for the welfare of the students in their year groups.

The Assistant Principal and, ultimately, the Principal support these teams.  If any boy is having problems, of which parents should be made aware, the appropriate Team Leader/Student Manager will contact the parents immediately.  Likewise, parents who feel they have a problem relating to their son’s education can arrange an appointment to see the Form Tutor, Team Leader, Student Manager or a member of the Senior Leadership Team by contacting the school.