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The Hayesbrook School

Attendance Roll of Honour

Congratulations to the following students for their consistent 100% Outstanding Attendance:

Illya Freeman T3 4 years
Alex Hearfield M1 3 years
Gautam Juneja T4 3 years
George Smith T3 3 years
Ashley Sonnex M5 3 years
Sam Widdicombe A6 3 years
Andrew Wilson T3 3 years
Ellis O'Keefe R5 2 years
Harvey Hunt P1 2 years
Phillipe Lansell P2 2 years
Tyler Mitchell Davies P1 2 years
Xander Vinson P3 2 years
Sam Warner S7 2 years
Nathan Wong A4 2 years

We look forward to more students achieving 100% Outstanding Attendance for 2016/2017.

100% Attendance Achievers - Academic Year 2015-16

Year 7 2015-16 Form
Bartmann, Mateusz P4
Collier, Zach P2
Constable, Jaylen A5
Cuffey, Charlie P5
Judd, Isaac T5
Pinfold, Stanley M1
Rugg, Samuel P6
Sellors, Benjamin P5
Spender, Matthew P1
Year 8  2015-16 Form
Emmerson, Bailey M3
Hunt, Harvey P1
King, Charles M5
Lansell, Philippe P2
Mitchell-Davies, Tyler P1
Rwizi, Darren M1
Thatcher, Harvey R1
Vinson, Xander P3
Warner, Samuel S7
Wong, Nathan A4
Year 9  2015-16  Form
Avis, Jake P6
Baker, Nathan T2
Bray, Ross T6
Burkin, Harry R5
Coleman, Alex A3
Entwistle, Reece R3
Grover, Benjamin R6
Grover, Zachary R6
Haynes, George M4
Healey, Alexander M1
Hearfield, Alex P5
Hill, Joseph P2
Howell, Jack R1
Jones, Aiden P4
Juneja, Gautam T4
Nhira, Blessing A6
Payne, Mali P5
Skinner, Kieran T4
Smith, George T3
Sonnex, Ashley M6
Widdicombe, Sam A6
Wilson, Andrew T3
Year 10  2015-16  Form
Bourne, Harry M6
Bull, Shelby R2
Carlton, Piers P2
Carman, Finlee T4
Fallon, Thomas A4
Freeman, Illya T3
Frew, Aedan M2
Jackson, Rocco P5
Johnson, Oliver M3
McKee, Benjamin M3
Norman, Ollie P6
O'Keefe, Ellis R5
Piper-Gamage, Charlie A2
Pun, Rohan T4
Washington, Leon T6
Wilson, Christopher M6

If you believe that your name should appear on either of these lists and that there may have been an error, please contact the Attendance Officer.